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Whole School Revision strategies

Trying to revision can be a struggle and a baffling experience. Why not try some of these techniques to help you.

Have your tried this?

A variety of tried and tested revision methods to support knowledge recall are explained below. See how many you can try in the run up to exams.

Focus on your well-being!

Preparing for exams can be a stressful time. Make sure you put time aside to prioritise your own wellbeing with these helpful hints and tips.

Planning your revision

Successful revision starts with good organisation. Make sure you plan out your revision time so it is manageable, focusing on the key areas you need to recap. These resources will support you in planning an effective revision timetable.

Revision videos providied by VALT

Additional support and guidance

Additional resources that will help you manage your revision so you can ‘shine’.

Subject based resources

Additional subject based resources will be added here to help your learning.