All Key Stages


  • To provide a breadth of provision through the curriculum and scholar programme, stretching and challenging academic depth and widening the participation of the most and more able in order to create opportunities for their talents and abilities to emerge.
  • To provide aspirations beyond school through links with our local community – through parental involvement, careers guidance and information, post 16 provision.
  • To encourage students independence and resilience through a Scholar Programme to celebrate all their achievements in side and outside of school.
  • To seek the views of the students and parents/carers to ensure appropriate guidance and support for the programme and their development.
  • Promotion of both independent and collaborative learning through the Scholar coaches and taught skills programme.
  • To promote the skills required for lifelong learning and academic success.
  • To promote the inclusion of the disadvantaged more able students to raise aspirations and narrow gaps in skills for life long success.
  • Provide opportunities to develop a wide range of skills and attributes, e.g. creativity, critical thinking, leadership.
  • Give learners opportunities to take risks and experience the challenge of going beyond their known capabilities.
  • To give all most/more able students the opportunity to have a student voice and evaluate how they learn best to inform the curriculum Scholar programme.


  • All subject areas have identified the most/more able students and tailor their Schemes of learning to stretch and challenge skills, knowledge and application
  • Subject leaders have identified talents alongside academic performance to ensure that further challenge can drive success in extra-curricular activities
  • The EPQ is offered to the most/more able in sixth form.
  • Careers talks for the most/more able students by parents every half term.
  • Trips to Teesside, Durham, Newcastle and Cambridge University.
  • Sixth form trips to all Russel Group Universities and also preparation for Oxbridge entry every year.
  • Scholar programme started Sept 2017 – opened to Y7-Y10 students identified as most able with average  entry at KS3 Level 5.6+/ av 115+ or the most able disadvantaged with entry at average level5.4+/110+.
  • Launch of the Scholar programme at Teesside University Sept 2017.
  • Programme created with 3 key strands to be rewarded:
    1. Academic and personal depth
    2. Cultural capital and growth
    3. Aspirations and Leadership

Points are then awarded for activities stated under the strands that the coaches will sign off once the evidence has been retained in the Scholar journal. The evidence will demonstrate the following lif- long skills:

  • Independence
  • Resilience
  • Academic Depth
  • Cultural Capital
  • Leadership and Aspiration
  • Critical and Divergent Thinking
  • The Scholar Programme stablished link with Teesside University who created a lecture programme throughout the year for students to attend. The students at Teesside designed the Scholar Journal logo.
  • The point system equates to awards that can be attained over the student’s career, encouraging recruitment to sixth form at Egglescliffe.
  • Scholar Students meet with their coaches 5 times a year and come together as a cohort once per term to share journals and also evaluate the termly programme and tailor the next activities .
  • Second launch of the Scholar programme  Sept 2018 at Egglescliffe for new Y7 cohort and parents.
  • Regular student voice capture to inform school display, evaluate learning styles and develop the Scholar Programme to meet their needs
  • Development of a teaching and learning- research group