• Offering a broad, balanced, relevant and appropriate choice of subjects for each individual’s needs, including SEND and disadvantaged pupils
  • Providing appropriate pathways to engage all learners at KS3 to meet individual needs
  • Promoting a love of learning across the curriculum in a wide range of discrete subject areas
  • Securing high achievement in literacy and numeracy
  • Provide stretch and challenge for all
  • Equipping pupils for their role as citizens
  • Encouraging pupils to develop lively, enquiring minds
  • Developing problem solving and thinking skills across the curriculum
  • Providing opportunities for students to question, analyse, evaluate and synthesise
  • Developing an awareness of spiritual, social, moral and multi-cultural understanding
  • Encourage habits of independent learning to become resilient learners
  • Supporting learning needs of SEND students
  • Encouraging out of class learning to enrich all students’ education and develop leadership skills
  • Providing opportunities to prepare students for KS4 and beyond
  • Providing high quality careers education so students are prepared for their next stage of learning
  • Encouraging students to engage with an enhanced curriculum to stretch and challenge our more and most able learners


Three year Key Stage Three Curriculum Model
10-day cycle, 50 x 1 hour lessons. Comprised as follows:

  • English- 6 hours
  • Maths- 7 hours
  • Science- 6 hours
  • Geography- 3 hours (4 in year 7)
  • History- 3 hours (4 in Year 9)
  • RE- 2 hours
  • MFL (French, German or Spanish)- 5 hours (6 hours in Year 8)
  • PE- 4 hours
  • DT- 2 hours
  • HE- 2 hours
  • Computing- 2 hours
  • Music- 2 hours
  • Art- 2 hours
  • PHSE-2 hours
  • Drama- 1 hour

Students are populated in mixed ability groups in KS3 for most subjects.

A small number of students will not study a language and will get additional teaching hours of English and / or Maths based on student need. In Year 7 and 8 small lower ability groups will be taught as one group for some literacy based subjects to make the transition from primary to become secondary ready. This group will be fluid depending on individual pupil needs.