Attendance at Egglescliffe is very good with the majority of students having over 96% attendance. It is school policy to work with parents and students whose attendance falls below 96%.

On the first day, and subsequent days, of absence parents/carers must contact Mrs Bowker the attendance officer to explain the nature of the absence.

We encourage and reward good attendance and punctuality. Good attendance is fundamental to high achievement and, we believe, that if pupils are taken out of school for any reason their progress will be adversely affected. All absences are followed up by tutors and Heads of House who work with Mrs Bowker, our Attendance Officer. Please ensure that you write a note giving the reasons for your child’s absence. If we do not receive a note the absence is deemed to be unauthorised. Holidays taken in term time are recorded as unauthorised absence. GCSE courses include classroom based controlled assessments which are done in school time. If pupils are absent for these assessments their grades will suffer. A great deal of research has been conducted on the link between attendance and attainment. The results of this research are highlighted below:

Percentage attendance within a year

How students performed


9 grades are below targets


8 grades are below targets


6 grades are below targets


4 grades are below targets


3 grades are below targets

Over 96%

2 grades are above predicted targets

The majority of our students have excellent punctuality and arrive at school before registration begins at 8.55 am.

Students must be on site by 8:50 am. Teachers are on duty at the gate from 8.50 am to 9.15 am every morning. The first bell rings at 8.50 am and pupils are recorded as late after the second bell at 8.55 am. If students arrive after this time they have to go to the main school reception to sign in and they are given a late pass. Sanctions will be enforced by tutors and Heads of House if a student is late without good reason.

The following table highlights how important punctuality is:

Daily lateness

Equates to…

5 minutes late

3 days lost per school year

10 minutes late

6.5 days lost per school year

15 minutes late

10 days lost per school year

20 minutes late

13 days lost per school year

30 minutes late

19 days lost per school year


Holidays in school term time are not permitted (please refer to the DfE website) and will be recorded as unauthorised absences.