The Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)

Egglescliffe School is proud of its working relationships with parents and carers. Our ongoing school vision is for parents, carers and families to develop and enhance their involvement in the life and learning that their child experiences in school. We want to build on our existing strong relationships with parents and make the school environment even more welcoming and friendly. At Egglescliffe School we have high aspirations for our students. We want to do everything possible to help parents and families support their children in achieving their full potential.

Parents/carers have an enormous impact upon how well children do at school. Department for Education Research categorically supports this. Their research shows that parental involvement in a child’s schooling between the ages of 7-16 years is a more powerful force than family background, size of family and level of parental education. The message is very clear. Parental involvement has a significant effect on pupil achievement throughout the years of schooling.

As a school we are currently working towards the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA). The school will be externally assessed in January 2020 . The judgments will be made against the criteria below. We will be updating parents regularly on the progress we make and also looking to further engage parents on their views.


  1. The school demonstrates a commitment to work towards achieving the LPPA
  2. The school makes and implements effective plans to achieve and maintain the LPPA
  3. The school is a welcoming, communicative and friendly place for parents
  4. The school promotes the awareness and participation of all groups of parents in supporting their children’ learning and developing their own learning
  5. The school holds and actively promotes enrichment opportunities and events for joint parent and child participation
  6. The school provides a good induction for all new parents
  7. The school provides parents with relevant and user-friendly guidance and information to help them support their children’s’ learning
  8. The school produces and implements parent-friendly policies to establish effective home-school links and improve children’s’ attendance, punctuality, behaviour, progress and positive participation in school
  9. The school provides good support for all parents as their children leave the school
  10. The school summarises its achievements against the LPPA Objectives and KPIs and outlines its future plans

You can find out more about the Leading Parent Partnership Award via the LPPA website:

Latest update: May 2019