The Young Engineering Club is your chance to work alongside industry professionals in the world of Engineering, working on some real world problems and projects, developing skills throughout the entire project. Exciting projects include;

  • Building a battling robot to face an opponent robot
  • Design, build and launch a rocket with a payload 1000 feet and return safely
  • Engineer and produce a single seater racing car, then race at Croft Circuit
  • Build and program a LEGO robot to compete on a number of challenges
  • Design, build and race micro drones
  • Design and build a mobile phone app using software engineering skills
  • Design, build and test a water treatment facility
  • Design and engineer an aerodynamic model of an F1 car
  • Program a VEX IQ robot
  • Engineer and produce code to program an autonomous vehicle

There is also talks from engineers from the entire spectrum of Engineering. This is an exciting and engaging opportunity which will look great on your CV.

More information regarding the available opportunities provided by the Young Engineering Club can be found here

I really enjoyed the many steps involved in engineering.

Connor, Year 9.

The F24 was awesome, I really want to be an engineer now.

Jake, Year 11.