Goals for the year:

  • To have obtained eco-school status
  • To improve the school site for vulnerable native species
  • To start a cross-curricular project relating to earth day
  • To increase the levels of recycling within the school and work with the community to focus on other difficult to recycle items
  • To engage the community in an environmental project
  • To have assisted with an international research project on the quality of our oceans


  • Pen recycling initiated
  • Eco-club run by Y10 students working with lower school students to raise awareness around school
  • Assemblies to talk through the litter issue around school
  • Sponsored an orangutan with fundraised money
  • Do a big event for Earth Day to Y7
  • Engage with global climate activism (their thoughts – not mine!)
  • Spread recycling to all 6th form and assess success
  • Do staff survey

Next steps:

  • Meet with duty staff re: Litter rota
  • Spread the word on the Keep Britain Tidy Litter Pick
  • See if we can get Mr Moulder to take crisp packets to Junction Farm.
  • Inform community via social media of pen recycling and the crisps recycling schemes
  • Fundraise for hedgehog food
  • Meet with HoD to discuss Earth Day and World Environment Day – collate this information
  • Assemblies planned with staff (from survey) on environmental tips and action to relate to Earth Day; theme climate action
  • Assembly on biodiversity for WED.