Book Club

Once a month, a group of students meet in the library for our book club. This is open to the whole school. We discuss what we have read, look at what we will read next time and chat about books and authors and any film tie-in. This is a purely social event for readers.

Recently we have linked out book club with Drakes Book Shop in Stockton. We purchase the same book they are reading for our book club, so our students can also attend their meeting and get involved in skyping authors, extending their discussions outside of school and socially interacting with peers outside of their normal radius.

Chess Club

Tuesday Lunchtimes are Chess Club in the library. Anybody is welcome to come and take part in what is a friendly, yet competitive social event. With a couple of members of staff on hand to teach newcomers or to engage with experienced players it allows everybody to relax and meet with their peers.

Craft Club

Craft Club takes place in the library on Tuesday night giving students an opportunity to cut, glue and paint to their hearts content.

We offer a wide range of activities, from jewellery making to card crafting to knitting. Each week we try something a little different, gaining extended arts skills while allowing pupils to socialise with likeminded people. This event is free to all students who wish to take part and flexible to members who can come and attend whenever they are able.

Homework Hub

The Library is open from 8:30am – 4:30pm (4:00pm on Friday). Before school, break times and afterschool students have constant access to our resources and a space to do homework. With a number of computers available as well as a wide range of books in addition to an experienced librarian on hand to help them, students can research, work and print in a safe environment without any cost to the parents.

Stockton Children’s Book of the Year

Working with Stockton Libraries, our students are involved in Stockton Children’s Book of the Year, reading and voting on their favourite from a shortlist of books. This event enhances their reading and critical thinking skills as well as allowing students to discuss with their peers what makes a good read.

They must then review these books entering a competition to see who can produce the best review throughout the Stockton area.

All students taking part will have the opportunity to meet one of the authors from the shortlisted selection while the top two from our school will be able to meet all of them at the winner’s announcement in March.

Student Librarians

Every year, a team of students volunteer to help work in the library. They work behind the counter and are expected to serve students who wish to borrow and return books, add books to stock, Shelve books after they have been returned and answer queries made by their peers.

These students gain in confidence and work experience as they learn how to cope with requests and busy queues as well as learning some of the tasks involved in running a successful library.

Chess Club

Our book club has joined thousands of other schools and started the Carnegie Shadowing. We will read the shortlisted books and make out own judgement on which we prefer while discussing amongst ourselves and other schools the merits of the books. We have also had the North East Judge, Angela Foster, in the school to launch our group on the scheme. To keep track of what we are reading and to see what we have been up to, check out our web page on the Carnegie website. Any student who wishes to be involved can join in and add reviews to this page.

I like being a student librarian because I can see all the new books first and get to take them out before everyone else sees them.

Dylan, Year 8.

You don’t have to be a great artist to take part in craft club, anyone can do it.

Ellie , Year 9.

I love that we have linked with Drakes Book Shop so I can go to both book clubs.

Abigail , Year 9.

I use the library because I love to read books and there are loads in the library. I also use the computers to do Accelerated Reader quizzes, homework and other stuff. Most of all I love to sit down, get comfy and read.

Simran , Year 8.