The Student Leadership programme provides students from KS3 to KS5 the opportunity to make a positive impact within their school community. In a tiered approach to leadership responsibilities depending on age, students identify the areas requiring change and plan how to achieve this. There are 3 possible strands that students developed;

1) Engagement, to get people involved in the many projects and opportunities that take place within this academic setting, teaching and learning, or projects within the wider community.

2) Well-being, which focuses on the overall health of the school community with an emphasis on mentoring and supporting their peers.

3) Environment where the students have identified key areas that they want to make an impact on within the school community. Reduction of single use plastic and the recycling of this being the key focus this academic year.

During this process, students receive professional training and extend a range of skills, from budgeting to liaising with external agencies, enhancing their holistic skill set. All participants can obtain SSAT Student Leadership Accreditation, which is assessed using a portfolio of evidence against 10 core skills, deemed essential to effective leadership.

Apart from just looking good on my C.V., I am able to make a positive impact on the school site and have been trusted to do so.

Humzah, Year 10.

The environment cannot be helped by just one individual, by being a Student Leader I can make a difference by involving the whole school community in this project

Ryan, Year 10.
Student Leadership
Student Leadership
Student Leadership