We recognise that transitions can be difficult for a child with SEND and therefore we take steps to ensure that any transition is as smooth as possible.

Meet the SEND Team

Meet our SEND Team that will be here to help you during your time at Egglescliffe School and Sixth Form. For more information please click here

Moving from Primary school to Egglescliffe School

Egglescliffe School promotes strong links with its partner primaries to ensure early identification of students who will be moving to our school. We encourage this link with primary school as early as required depending on the level of need and current SEND support that a student may require. Egglescliffe School transition is planned with Primary school staff and subsequently with parents. However, parents/carers themselves can contact our SENDCO, who can then discuss increased support regarding transition with our Lead teacher for transition.

We visit primary schools, attend reviews, send TAs to link with primary schools, run enhanced transition days and visits in Year 6.

Moving year groups at Egglescliffe

Changes between lower school and upper school (year 9 and 10) are supported in close liaison with our SEND department, Heads of Year and the form tutor. Again, strong relationships with parents/ carers are promoted to make sure the correct support can be offered where concerns may be arising.

Moving into Key Stage four and beginning exam courses can provide challenges to some students. Selecting optional subjects can be difficult, especially for students who have a SEND. Parents/carers are welcome to contact the school to discuss the options booklet and a parent’s information evening will be available to allow any concerns or queries may be discussed. This is also a crucial time for the SENDCO and specialist assessor to identify examination access arrangements in an official capacity, through testing and AQA approval documents.

We also have a structured transition programme in place when students move from upper school to Sixth Form at Egglescliffe / alternative post 16 provision (Year 11 into 12).

Moving to another school or post 16 provider

When a student with SEND is transferring to or from other educational establishments, the Head of Year and the SENDC will liaise with all parties concerned to ensure that the transfer is for the benefit of the student and disruption to the student’s education is kept to a minimum. An early review of progress is arranged and parents are invited to join the review.

At the end of year 11 students may move on, either into employment or to another educational/training establishment. At this time SEND Support Plans will be amended to allow the information contained to be shared with the students’ future educational setting. We aim to ensure that it is up to date and portrays a clear picture of any objectives that may need to be transferred on.

If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.