Students at Egglescliffe follow a broad and balanced curriculum., where we are able to offer a broad range of A-Levels and BTECs. The Sixth Form College currently offers more than 26 subjects at post-16. Prospective sixth from students are supported through their option choice to ensure they follow an appropriate pathway to maximise their potential for success at the end of the two years.

Why study A-levels?

A Levels will give you a chance to find out about your GCSE subjects in greater depth or do one of the subjects that many schools and colleges only offer at A Level such as law, economics or psychology. A levels are mostly assessed by written exams, although there’s also some coursework in some subjects. In subjects like science and art, your practical skills are also assessed. The majority of courses are at least 75% formal examination which will be sat at the end of the two years.

Both universities and employers really value A Levels. After A Level qualifications, many students continue their study or training through an apprenticeship, vocational qualification or a higher education course at a university or college.

Why study BTECS?

BTEC Level 3 Nationals are equivalent in standard to A levels, providing specialist qualifications for learners who have a clear line of sight to their future career or are planning to progress through further or higher education. They’re suitable for students aged 16 and over. BTEC National qualifications provide specialist, work-related learning across a range of vocational sectors. They give learners the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to prepare for employment, as well as providing career development opportunities for those already in work. BTEC National qualifications provide a more practical, real-world way of learning and their value is widely recognised by teaching professionals, employers, higher education and students. BTEC Nationals are highly regarded by universities, further education colleges and employers.

The Courses we offer

A Level Art A Level Biology A Level Business
A Level Chemistry A Level Computer Science A Level Design and Technology
A Level Drama and Theatre Studies A Level Economics A Level English Language
A Level English Literature A Level French A Level Further Maths
A Level Geography A Level German BTEC Health and Social Care
A Level History BTEC Information Technology A Level Law
A Level Maths A Level Media Studies A Level Music
A Level Philosophy and Ethics A Level Photography A Level Physical Education
A Level Physics A Level Politics A Level Psychology
A Level Sociology    

16-19 Study Programmes

Students taking A-levels

At Egglescliffe we offer a broad range of A-level courses (see sixth form choices brochure for more detail) which cater for a wide range of learners. In addition to studying A-level courses, students will also have one hour a week for tutorial. Tutorial covers a range of topics such as study skills, support for progression into employment or HE and current affairs.

Students taking applied and technical qualifications

At Egglescliffe we offer some applied general qualifications-BTECs-which may be appropriate for some learners to achieve their career goals.  BTECs are rigorous advanced qualifications that equip students with transferable knowledge and skills. These qualifications are for learners who want to continue their education through applied learning. These can be taken alongside A-level qualifications. We do not currently offer any technical qualifications.

Students with special educational needs and/or disabilities

Students with special educational needs and/or disabilities will be supported through their choice of post-16 courses to ensure they follow a programme which stretches them, prepares them for adulthood and supports progression into work or further study. We work closely with students who have special education needs and/or disabilities (and their parents/carers) to ensure their choice of courses is appropriate given their career aspirations.

GCSE maths and English

Any student in post-16 education at Egglescliffe who has not secured a grade 4 in GCSE English and/or maths with have timetabled lessons as part of their study programme. Most employers, and universities, expect applicants to hold GCSEs in maths and English. Therefore, students who have yet to secure a grade 4 must retake these examinations following a period of study in Year 12 and, where necessary Year 13.

Work Experience

All Year 12 students at Egglescliffe will have the opportunity to take on a work experience placement. This will be arranged by the student and should be related to career aspirations or help to inform career choices. There is a week in July specifically allocated for this to take place, however some students may gain work experience for a longer period which supports university application or employment beyond sixth form. This work experience will be planned, taking account of the students’ prior attainment, career and learning goals and linked to future aspirations.

Other activities within a study programme

As part of the offer at Egglescliffe all students get the opportunity to take part in a range of meaningful activities as part of the Enrichment programme.