Accredited by Teesside University

Wednesday afternoon is dedicated time off curriculum timetable designed to help students build a range of personal and employability skills, such as communication, teamwork, and leadership, and gain experience and qualifications in a range of areas that will make them stand-out in future job and UCAS applications. And if nothing else, a lot of these options will be a fun and welcome break from A level study, and a good way to make friends and feel a part of the 6th form community.

After completing our induction enrichment programme, 75% of students felt prepared for their A level studies, 76% had grown in confidence in their own skills and abilities, and 81% of students felt part of the 6th form.

Egglescliffe Enrichment Diploma

The Egglescliffe Enrichment Diploma is a certificate accredited by Teesside University that formalises students’ experiences and achievements through the enrichment programme. This will be an invaluable portfolio of evidence that they can use in job or university applications and interviews.

Lepra charity event

Lepra charity event

Lepra charity event

Lepra charity event

First Aid

First Aid

Team building

Team building

Escape Room

Escape Room

How it works

Students need to complete an activity in each of the 6 areas: Egglescliffe Induction, Employability, Academia, Community, Wellbeing, and Experiences.

  • Egglescliffe Induction – The compulsory enrichment programme that begins when you arrive
  • Employability – NCS Programme, Work experience (compulsory), First aid, Sign language, Teesside University workshops, DofE, volunteering, NCS employability series, NCS transferable skills series
  • Academia – EPQ, Debate society, Forensic Society, Film club, Music qualification, Teesside University workshops, NCS exam series, MOOCs
  • Community – NCS Programme, Student Leadership, VInspired, LEPRA, #Eggfest, 6th Form M ag, Charity fundraising, 6th Form Party planners, Mentoring
  • Wellbeing – BUCS Football League, Gratton Cup, Yoga, Inter-tutor sports and games, NCS exam series, 6th Form Party planners, Sport, Performing arts
  • Experiences – NCS Programme, DofE Silver Award, World Challenge, White water rafting, Air trail, Ice skating, 6th Form Party planners

Throughout the year there are amazing opportunities to get involved in, including:

NCS In-school Programme

(We’re the first state school in the UK to offer this) that includes Outdoor Adventure residential and 30 hours V Inspired certificate

First Aid

Sign Language


Forensics society

Air Trail

Ice skating

NCS Personal and Employment Development Workshops

Film Studies




Escape Room

Study Skills development

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

(Silver and Gold)

Work experience

Massive Open Online Courses