A message from our sixth form team

Transition to sixth form can be both exciting and daunting experience at the best of times but the current situation has meant that we haven’t been able to meet face to face to answer your questions and settle any of your concerns. However, we just wanted to let you know we are just as keen to meet you and start working with you as soon as possible. In the meantime there will be a series of mail shots over the next few weeks which will hopefully answer some of your questions. The next email will introduce your tutor team and the following correspondence includes information from our subject leaders. Each of the subjects will give you key messages normally delivered on taster days as well as extra reading and research. We will also link you to some transition materials. The final mail shot will be from Mr Moulder who is in charge of our enrichment programme. He has produced a video as well as a summary of next year’s programme.

The first mailing includes a survey which we would really appreciate you taking some time to answer. This will help us determine tutor groups, potential bus routes and will also give you the opportunity to alert us to any possible changes in your subject choices.

So… instead we have prepared a short video to introduce ourselves. Please check back for further communications from the sixth form team over the next few weeks.

Please click on the tutor’s name below to learn a little bit more about them and hopefully some interesting facts too!

Why not have a look at our Enrichment Programme

Our enrichment programme is a core part of the 6th form experience that all students undertake,and runs on Wednesday afternoons throughout the year, when students come off timetable from their subjects. The programme is designed to complement A level studies and includes a wide variety of interesting and enjoyable activities that suit students’ interests, future career prospects, areas for development, or simply just to make friends and have fun.