Egglescliffe School has a duty to develop the whole child and to promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. As part of this, we actively demonstrate that we promote fundamental British values.

Much of this work is done through our contemporary and relevant PSHE programme that is delivered to all students as part of their curriculum entitlement.

As part of fundamental British values pupils are explicitly taught to regard people of all faiths, races and cultures with respect and tolerance. The units of ‘Tackling Racism‘, ‘Anti-Bullying awareness‘ and ‘Tolerance and diversity‘ help us address this aspect of fundamental British values.

An audit undertaken in 2016 showed that RS and history lesson has a significant part to play in developing pupils understanding of the importance of respect and tolerance. RS for example teaches pupils about the benefits of living in a multi-cultural society, how the government promotes community cohesion and how religious organisations promote peace. The history department has, among other examples, a focus on the consequence of anti-Semitism and how this led to the Holocaust. At the current time Egglescliffe School is working towards gaining status as a School of Sanctuary. More detail of this can be seen at City of Sanctuary

Students need to be taught right from wrong and to understand that people living in England are subject to English law. To address this the PSHE programme has units on

  • Law and Justice
  • Anti-Bullying awareness
  • Tackling Racism
  • Human rights

Pupils need to learn to respect democracy and how citizens can influence decision making through the democratic process. In the PSHE programme there are explicit units on

  • Politics and democracy
  • UK place in the world

While the above outlines some of the specific ways in which pupils at Egglescliffe School are taught about fundamental British values, it is important to note that a strong school ethos of respect, kindness and inclusion make sure pupils feel valued.

The full PSHE programme can be viewed on the school website under the pastoral care tab.