At Egglescliffe School, we are passionate about promoting wellbeing across our whole school community and recognise the importance of this as a whole-school approach. We prioritise the wellbeing of students and staff in order to deliver outstanding teaching and learning and to ensure that the school community is able to thrive and “be the best they can be.”

A selection of ways in which we actively promote wellbeing for our learners:

  • Ensuring that learners have access to a broad and balanced curriculum where they are able to study a multitude of subjects throughout their time at Egglescliffe.
  • We have specialist and highly qualified teaching and support staff in their subject expertise.
  • We offer a weekly timetabled PSHE lesson focusing on key areas such as citizenship, personal development, SMSC, RSHE, mental health and wellbeing, British Values, CIAG. Our curriculum has a layered approach meaning that topics may be covered more than once with more depth added each year. This is to ensure that knowledge can be recalled and developed as our learners’ progress over time.
  • The extra-curricular provision at Egglescliffe is renowned and extensive. We offer a plethora of different extra-curricular provisions that are inclusive to all learners; from nationally award-winning music ensembles and sporting disciplines to extensive academic support. The breadth of offer is significant and every student has the opportunity to opt into this.
  • Students have access to a high level of pastoral support through having a form tutor and head of house/year alongside specialist staff who support behaviour for learning and educational needs.
  • Our pastoral team liaise regularly with outside agencies to support wellbeing and work alongside professionals and families to address any needs that may arise for a student.
  • Wellbeing is a priority within our school and therefore we actively promote this across our school displays and within tutor time.
  • Egglescliffe School offers the Endeavour department for learners who may need respite or access to specific interventions to support their learning. We have access to a designated educational psychologist from the local authority who works with our students and staff to support those with SEND needs.
  • We have designated school mentors to help students who need additional academic or pastoral support. Our mentors meet with their students regularly and work towards developing short, medium and long term SMART targets to help the student develop.
  • We are very proud to promote that our learners have access to a school counsellor who they can meet on a weekly basis to discuss a multitude of areas. This is a confidential service and information from counselling sessions are only passed on if there is a safeguarding concern.
  • Our students have a weekly assembly based on key themes. Assemblies are delivered by a variety of staff members or outside speakers and primarily develop our students’ understanding of the wider community and world.
  • We offer an extensive careers programme where students access Youth Directions, complete a work experience week and create resources such as personal statements and curriculum vitae to help them gain an understanding of the wider educational/labour market. Students are offered assemblies from outside colleges and apprenticeship providers to ensure that equality of provision is offered for post 16 studies.
  • Egglescliffe adopts clearly focused transition periods (i.e. primary to secondary, KS3 to KS4, post 16). This is integral to ensuring that a students’ wellbeing is focused upon and that students and parents are aware of any changes that may be happening educationally in advance. For example, students spend a number of weeks moving around the upper houseblock areas in year 9 to get used to new routines prior to them moving there permanently throughout year 10 and 11.
  • At Egglescliffe, we feel it is important that students have access to as many opportunities as possible and we often have outside speakers coming into school, school trips and events to ensure that all learners can develop their knowledge and understanding of the wider community and world. Some school trips include year 11 students accessing provision at local businesses to gain experience prior to applying for apprenticeships, trips abroad to support local communities in Nepal and Mexico and subject specific trips e.g. art, history, music, PE, business and enterprise.
  • Students actively support charities whether that be raising money through a cake stall that students have organised themselves or working as a whole school providing supplies for a local food bank. In addition, this year each year group shall have a focused charity that they will contribute towards to raise money but also awareness of what they charity does and how it supports its service users.
  • Egglescliffe School has a School of Sanctuary status. We support students that are seeking asylum or refuge. This is something that we are exceptionally proud of within our school community and we are very pleased to have been able to provide a safe educational environment where such students have been able to seek sanctuary and gain an enviable education and move onto further/ higher education.
  • ePraise is our rewards system that allows students and their families to see the praise that has been given throughout the school day. Our students have rewards assemblies each term where positive behaviours are celebrated and points are able to be used for a variety of different reasons e.g. prom tickets, shopping vouchers, access to various additional resources in school etc.  
  • We regularly update our parents/carers and local community with information via the Egglescliffe Edge newsletter, ParentMail and Egglescliffe social media accounts showcasing all the fantastic things that our students and staff are doing to develop their wellbeing and personal development and to keep parents/carers updated on school life.  

Student and staff voice is paramount to developing ideas and finding further ways to support our school community. Egglescliffe is a community where we want everyone to feel safe, well and be able to achieve their ambitions and therefore it is important that discussing and seeking advice regarding wellbeing is the norm and that every person is valued.