‘Bringing unity to a school of diversity’

Here at Egglescliffe we not only welcome diversity but also embrace the cultural and linguistic talents our pupils have to offer. The Language Ambassador scheme aims to provide pupils in all year groups, who have advanced proficiency in a home language, with the opportunity to celebrate, promote and use their linguistic skills as well as support others within our community.

We currently have 33 different languages spoken by pupils at Egglescliffe and our Language Ambassadors are engaged in a wide range of activities to promote their home language. Some of these include:

  • Acting as a young translator for induction-showing parents/student around the school, offering opportunities to converse in the home language.
  • Being a language mentor – supporting learning of other pupils.
  • Organising cultural awareness days and taking part in assemblies that celebrate languages and diversity.
  • Developing language awareness displays around school to promote culture and language diversity.
  • Opportunities to teach others, including delivering lessons in our local primary schools.
  • Creation of a website page
  • Involvement in parental community and celebration evenings.
  • Writing the Language Ambassadors newsletter

Being a Language Ambassador is certainly a rewarding and exciting opportunity. Recently our Ambassadors had the opportunity to meet a refugee from the Ivory Coast and were inspired by his fascinating, inspirational and moving story.

Each year we welcome new Year 7 pupils to join our talented, enthusiastic and friendly team. As a Language Ambassador, pupils also have the opportunity to complete the nationally recognised Language Leader Award.

Language Ambassadors has been amazing! It has given me fantastic opportunities and I am really grateful for being able to be part of this.

Aaliyaah, Year 11.

Language Ambassadors has been fun! It has opened up opportunities for me to use my language skills and to make new friends. I have enjoyed everything we’ve done so far!

Filip, Year 8.