Bronze Award
Silver Award
Gold Award
Platinum Award

The Scholar Award is a diverse and engaging programme available to all students at Egglescliffe School. It is designed to provide enrichment opportunities beyond the classroom allowing students to develop their academic, cultural and aspirational goals.

Scholar Award students can select aspects of the programme that are of particular interest to them ranging from university visits, entering competitions or completing independent learning. Each term, scholars will have the opportunity to partake in a trip, and will enjoy a guest speaker or themed workshop.  There are opportunities for work experience both in person and online. Scholar students will have the opportunity to follow a Skills Builder programme to focus on developing skills for future employment.

The Scholar-lead will monitor the progress of students throughout the year and there is plenty of opportunity for collaboration with other Scholars on the programme. Students are awarded points for their achievements which leads to an award at 4 different levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  

I enjoyed visiting universities and getting opportunities to think about my future.

Eleanor G, Year 10

The scholar award is a great programme to be involved it as it expands your school experience with events and talks you can attend, whilst also offering smaller activities that you can research by yourself at home.

Sophie C, Year 9.

It’s a very good thing to sign up for if you want to do more extra curricular and learn more about lots of different things!

Lauren S, Year 8.

It gives you a chance to discover new interests.

Ellie C, Year 10.

I love the opportunities that it gives us, like the Tutankhamun lecture.

Niamh S, Year 9.

It will transform your secondary school experience for the better.

Fenella T, Year 12.