Egglescliffe is a flourishing and highly successful school. Our ethos is built on a tradition of excellence for the wellbeing, achievements and aspirations of young people. We believe in offering the highest quality education, both in the classroom and through our extensive extra-curricular activities.We value the good relationships between staff and students, placing a premium on our friendly, purposeful atmosphere. Excellent behaviour, hard work, independence, personal responsibility and student participation are central to our high levels of achievement.

We have an enviable reputation for excellence in all that we do, and our achievements have been widely recognised. Our GCSE and A Level results are some of the best in the region.

The range and quality of our extra-curricular provision is a celebrated and acknowledged strength of the school. We greatly value the importance of actively promoting extra-curricular involvement for all students and we believe invaluable skills are developed through participation in this aspect of school life.

We are determined to provide an outstanding education for all, to care and support individuals and stretch and challenge every student so that they achieve their very best.

Mr. S White

Mr. S White