KS3 Registration

At Egglescliffe registration takes place from 8:55 to 9:15. It is an important part of the day as it allows students to access the excellent academic support on offer to ensure they are ready to be at their best in lessons. Moreover, it is also an opportunity to enhance their curriculum experience through a range of targeted activities that are designed to engage the students on arrival to school.

Being Ready

This entails:

  • Carrying out equipment checks to ensure students are adequately prepared for lessons
  • Uniform checks so that students maintain the high standards of the school and are well presented
  • Disseminating key information so students are aware of upcoming events and important notices

Curriculum Enhancement

At KS3 students work through a series of challenges in each registration detailed below:



Assemblies are key in that they enable full year groups to come together as one. Staff and outside speakers deliver assemblies at Egglescliffe and students are afforded the opportunity to listen to key messages in order that they can further develop their character and morals. We also place great emphasis on celebrating the achievements of the students with regular rewards assemblies linked to our E-Praise rewards system


Numeracy Ninjas involves working against the clock to answer as questions correctly as possible. It encourages healthy competition between the students to achieve the highest score they can in order to obtain a coveted black belt. Tutors track scores so students can see how they are improving week by week and it also allows them to develop their own awareness of areas they need to develop for maths.


News in pictures allows for students to engage with current affairs and have a broader understanding of the world around them. It encourages discussion of important topics and helps develops students’ inference skills along with the ability to listen and debate. Each news topic links in with fundamental British values so students can further develop their sense of morality.


Egglescliffe’s literacy focus involves reading a range of exciting fiction and non-fiction extracts together as a form group. This is an excellent way to develop healthy discussion, inference skills and confidence in public speaking – all great skills for the future. At Egglescliffe we focus on reciprocal reading in order to break down texts and develop wider discussion. This whole-school initiative complements students’ ability to approach complex texts across a range of subjects


The registration quizzes at Egglescliffe again foster a sense of healthy competition and also enables students to recall key information covered in PSHE lessons. This interleaved approach to curriculum content ensures students are not taught in isolation and they can know more and remember more of the key messages to take from PSHE